How Many Kinds Of Candy Are There

A disaccharide formed by the condensation of two sugar molecules through an α-glycosidic bond. It is the main ingredient of caramel. It is produced by the action of malt containing amylase on starch. It is used as a nutrient and also for the preparation of culture medium.
From a chemical point of view: Maltose (Maltose or Malt Sugar) is a chemical term that belongs to the class of disaccharides (disaccharides). It is a white needle-like crystal. The common maltose is not crystallized, and due to the addition of sucrose during cooking, the white maltose also turns golden yellow, which increases its color and aroma.
Maltose, also known as glutinous rice candy, is made of wheat and glutinous rice. It is sweet and delicious, rich in nutrition, and has the functions of strengthening the stomach and digesting food. It is a food suitable for all ages.
In nature, maltose is mainly found in sprouted grains, especially malt, hence the name. Under the action of starch invertase, starch undergoes a hydrolysis reaction to generate maltose, which undergoes a hydrolysis reaction to generate two molecules of glucose. Maltose can be crystallized and used as a sweetener, but only 1/3 of the sweetness of sucrose. Maltose is an inexpensive nutritious food that is easily digested and absorbed by the human body. Maltose has an aldehyde group in its molecular structure, which is a reducing sugar. Therefore, it can have silver mirror reaction with silver ammonia solution, and can also react with newly prepared alkaline copper hydroxide to form brick red precipitate. It can be hydrolyzed under certain conditions to generate two molecules of glucose.
Colorless or white crystals, thick syrupy when crude. The crystalline maltose of one molecule of water melts and decomposes at 102-103°C. Soluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol. The reducing disaccharide has an aldehyde group reaction, can undergo a silver mirror reaction, and can also be co-heated with Banjo's reagent (prepared with copper sulfate, sodium carbonate or caustic soda, sodium citrate and other solutions) to form a brick red cuprous oxide precipitate. It can make bromine water fade and be oxidized into maltonic acid. It is hydrolyzed into 2 molecules of glucose under the action of dilute acid heating or α-glucosidase. Used as food, nutrition and so on. It is prepared by hydrolysis of starch, and is generally obtained by mixing enzymes in malt with starch paste and fermenting at suitable temperature.
The production of maltose is roughly divided into the following steps: first soak the wheat and then let it germinate to a length of three or four centimeters, and chop the buds for later use. Then wash the glutinous rice, pour it into the pot, and stir it with the chopped malt. Let it ferment for 3 to 4 hours until the juice is transformed. Then filter out the juice and fry it into a paste with high fire, and after cooling, it becomes amber-shaped sugar cubes. When eating, heat it up, stir it out with two wooden sticks, and pull the sugar cubes to silvery white like ramen noodles.
maple syrup
Sugar maple, also known as maple sugar, exists in a tall deciduous tree - up to 40 meters high, 40 to 100 cm in diameter, and the tree age can reach 500 years. Unlike other maples, this sugary maple is yellow in autumn, while other maples are red. The trunk contains a lot of starch, which becomes sucrose in winter. Warm cane sugar turns into sweet sap. If you drill a hole in a tree, the sap will flow out. Sugar made from tree sap is called maple syrup or maple syrup. Maple syrup is rich in minerals and organic acids, and its calories are lower than sucrose, fructose, corn sugar, etc., but its calcium, magnesium and organic acids are much higher than other sugars, which can supplement the weak and unbalanced nutrition. constitution. The sweetness of maple syrup is not as high as that of honey, and the sugar content is about 66% (the sugar content of honey is about 79%-81%, and the sugar content is as high as 99.4%).
Between May and August each year, maple trees store starch in their roots to prepare food for the following year. When the snow melts in early spring, the starch stored in the roots of maple trees begins to be converted into sugar, which is also the season when maple syrup workers begin to collect sap and make maple syrup. The maple syrup season is short, generally from mid-March to mid-April, with only about six weeks before and after. The production season is maple syrup made near the end of the harvest season around the beginning of April. It has a strong maple flavor, and it is an indispensable flavoring helper for cooking and making cookies, cakes and desserts. Canada's famous international maple candy and maple ice cream use this grade of maple syrup as the protagonist.
The production of maple syrup is also very simple, that is, by heating the maple syrup, the water in the sap is evaporated little by little, and finally a slightly sticky maple syrup is formed. Usually, 40 kg of maple sap can only process 1 kg of maple. syrup. Only maple trees over 40 years old or over 25 cm in diameter will produce useful sap. For the healthy growth of maple trees, the amount of juice should not exceed 5% of the total. Therefore, the price of maple syrup is very expensive. For example, a bottle of natural maple syrup is only 236ml, but the price is 4.99 US dollars.
Maple syrup for cooking, featuring a caramel-like taste. Mainly because of its strong smell, it is widely used in cooking, baking, and condiments for some special foods. In Europe, America and Japan, it is also used as a spice to make a popular maple syrup-flavored cigarette.
Zongzi Candy
Zongzi candy is one of the earliest Chinese candies. It is mainly made of sucrose with roses, caramel and pine nuts.
Its shape is like the shape of a triangular zongzi, so it is named Zongzi Candy. The zongzi candy is hard, transparent, and shiny. You can clearly see roses and pine nuts evenly dispersed in the candy body, like a beautiful crystal stone. It is sweet, fragrant and delicious, with the fragrance of pine nuts and roses. Due to the influence of climate, it is not suitable for production in summer.
Raw material formula: sucrose, pine nuts, dried roses, liquid glucose, vinegar essence.
Production Method:
1. The method of boiling sugar is the same as peanut candy.
2. The pine nuts and roses must be roasted, otherwise they cannot be used, so as to avoid the pine nuts and roses from being damp, and pouring them into the massecuite will easily make the sugar reverse sand.
3. After cooling and boiling the sugar to 160℃, pour it on a cooling table equipped with running water to cool down, sprinkle the pine nuts and dried roses on the massecuite while it is still hot, and fold it back and forth with a scraper. Evaporating, the massecuite gradually solidifies into a fondant.
4. Shaping: Organize manpower and speed up. Put the fondant on the table, divide it into small pieces, knead the candy, and knead it into a round bar (be careful to keep it at room temperature)
5. Cut the sugar: Use scissors to cut the sugar. When cutting the sugar, you should pay attention to turning it once every time you cut it. The cut sugar is a triangle no matter which side you look at. Switching to machine production can also cut out triangles.
6. Packaging: Pack the sugar after it is fully cooled to prevent the sugar from sticking easily.
7. Quality standard:
Color: Light yellowish brown, transparent and shiny. Shape: Triangular shape, no broken sides, short corners, 240 to 250 pieces per kilogram.
sweet-scented osmanthus
The sweet-scented osmanthus candy is made of oil dipped in rice to fry the eroded candy, with white sugar osmanthus as the heart candy. The sweet-scented osmanthus used to make it must be fresh and fragrant. When the sweet-scented osmanthus is in full bloom, the flowers are plucked from the tree. Add sugar to seal, and it becomes the raw material for heart candy. The selection of sweet-scented osmanthus is very strict, and the production is also very elegant.
Formerly known as "foreign sugar" in Zoushi, it is a traditional seasonal product in Zoushi. In ancient times, there was a folk song "The wine from Taoyuan (referring to the county seat), the sugar from Zoushi, and the fried dough sticks from Hefu." The fried dough sticks are purely exaggerated, but Taoyuan's famous wine, the "foreign sugar" in Zou City is worthy of the name.
The "foreign sugar" in Zuo City originated in the late Ming and early Qing dynasties. Its previous life was Guanzi Tang in the Taoyuan countryside. The tube candy is coated with sesame seeds on the outside and solid on the inside, which looks exactly the same as the later sweet-scented osmanthus candies. But the taste is very different, there is no aroma of sweet-scented osmanthus, the sweetness of two without sugar core, and the crunchyness of three without walls. One year, a pastry chef in Zou City was dispatched to Nanjing with a wood merchant, and he was very inspired when he saw that some of the pastries in Nanjing had the fragrance of osmanthus. After coming back, add sweet-scented osmanthus powder to the tube sugar. At first, the aroma is there, but the sugar-free core still tastes hard.
Soon, the governor sent an order to exhibit famous products from all over the world. After a lot of hard work, I finally produced a kind of candy shaped like a tube, hollow, round stem, sweet and delicious.
This kind of candy was given to the county magistrate and the Fujun army, and it was presented to the palace as a tribute. And with the Hong Kong merchants who buy oil and wood, they are exported to foreign countries. "Yang Tang" is also named for this. Later, with the advancement of history, the production method and quality of "foreign sugar" continued to improve, and "foreign sugar" evolved into sweet-scented osmanthus, which was rated as a national high-quality product and won silver twice. Quality Medal.
sour candy
Sour angle candy refers to a kind of candy produced by processing with acid angle as raw material. The raw material is taken from the local natural and pollution-free sour horn. It is refined through a special process and is pollution-free. It is a natural green food. It is gelatinous, has a fine taste and excellent flavor. You can experience life in the sweet and sour taste. It is rich in vitamins, appetizing and relieving heat, and it is a fashionable leisure food for vacation entertainment and relaxation.
starch sugar
Using starch-containing grains, potatoes, etc. as raw materials, sugars prepared by acid method or acid enzymatic method or enzymatic method, including maltose, glucose, fructose syrup, etc., are collectively referred to as starch sugar.
Starch sugar has a long history in my country. Sugar was mentioned in the "Equal Name Yaoshu" written more than 500 years ago, and the method of making sugar with rice was described in detail. my country's sugar production and consumption, for a long time, has been dominated by sucrose, supplemented by starch sugar, the state vigorously support and promote starch sugar. In the later period of the "Ninth Five-Year Plan", due to the technological progress of the starch sugar industry, the yield and quality have improved, and the material consumption has decreased; the intensive and large-scale operation of enterprises has greatly reduced the cost of starch sugar products, and the starch sugar market has gradually expanded, becoming the largest in the sugar market. Important addition. Starch sugar has a wide range of consumption fields and a large number of consumption. It is the pillar product of starch deep processing. It has been widely used in food, medicine, papermaking and many other industries for a long time. With the development of corn deep processing, the development of food industry and the progress of biotechnology such as enzyme preparations With the changes in people's consumption structure, my country's starch sugar industry has achieved remarkable development, moving towards multi-variety, individualization, specialization, and large-scale development, with a substantial increase in output and an increasingly perfect variety structure.
In 2005, the output of starch sugar reached 4.2 million tons, with an output value of 9.24 billion yuan. my country's starch sugar production ranks second in the world after the United States. Starch sugar industry is one of the important ways for agricultural industrialization and grain deep processing. Therefore, starch sugar industry plays an important role in the development of my country's national economy.
Toffee (translated as toffee in Hong Kong), transliterated from English toffee, is a Western-style candy, hard and chewy sugar made of brown sugar or molasses and cream, made by boiling molasses brown sugar until it is very thick Thicken, then mix the mass by hand or machine until the lumps are glossy and hold their solid shape. Serve.
Lollipops were invented by Spanish confectioner Henrique Bernat Fongliadoza, where sticks were inserted into the candy so that the candy could be held in the hand.
Lollipops are a favorite candy for children. Candy manufacturers at all levels in the world produce them. In addition to lollipops made from ordinary hard candies, there are various forms. For example, cotton candy lollipops can be It is made into a more complex cartoon shape, and some lollipop sticks also have the function of whistle and light.
coconut candy
Coconut candy is made from fresh coconut juice, maltose, white sugar, cocoa powder, and milk from Hainan Island. The tradition of producing candy in Hainan is fragrant and delicious, and the taste is pure. Not only does it retain the original flavor of coconut, it tastes sweet and delicious.
Coconut candies have high nutritional value. Chinese medicine believes that coconut sugar is sweet in taste, warm in nature, and has functions such as promoting body fluid and diuretic water. And coconut leaves contain more nutrients, such as fructose, glucose, sucrose, protein, fat, vitamin B, vitamin C, and trace elements and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, and iron.
Sugar is not the culprit of disease. According to epidemiological research results, sugar intake is not directly related to the incidence of obesity, but fat intake is closely related to obesity. Diabetes is not related to how much sugar you eat. relationship, because diabetes is caused by impaired function of the pancreatic islets. Eating sugar is not directly related to the increase in blood lipids. It should be said that the main dietary factor affecting the changes in blood lipids is saturated fatty acids. When the intake of sucrose or fructose is high, blood lipids may increase. This is because fructose is in the liver. It is caused by the unique metabolic pathway of sugar, therefore, in the case of general intake, sugar does not cause elevated blood lipids.
Sugar is not the initiator of dental caries. As we all know, the United Kingdom has always maintained a high per capita consumption of sugar, but the incidence of dental caries is relatively low. People think that eating sugar often can easily lead to dental caries, because sugar exists in the mouth for a long time and can become a bacterial culture medium that causes dirty teeth. cause dental caries.
Vitamin candy is a new category in candy, which contains one or more vitamins, and people can supplement the vitamins needed by the body by eating vitamin candies. Candy, most people have eaten, but vitamin candy, many people may not have eaten or even heard of it.
Generally speaking, people can obtain vitamins normally through food, but modern people often suffer from vitamin deficiency due to stressful work, unbalanced diet and other reasons. As we all know, the content of vitamins in the human body is very small, but it is very important and directly affects people's own immunity, so people should consciously supplement vitamins, such as eating vitamin candy is a more convenient and practical method.


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