How To Buy Candy 5 Tips For Choosing Candy

How to buy candy

1. Packaging

High-quality candy, the packaging paper has good moisture resistance, the trademark pattern, sugar name, and factory name are clear. Ordinary candies are generally packaged with only one layer of packaging, and some packaging papers do not even have the factory name on them, and the quality is very poor.

2. Appearance

Good quality candy, smooth surface, no cracks, no defects, no sticking, no impurities, good transparency. The filling candy is not exposed. If the candy is incomplete in size, sticky, and has no transparency, it is a poor candy.

Each candy has its own fragrance. If a certain candy loses its own inherent fragrance, the candy will undergo a qualitative change, and consumers should not buy it.

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3. Taste

The sweetness of good candy is smooth and moderate, and there is no other odor. Toffees, meringues, and chocolate candies should be creamy. Inferior candies have burnt bitterness and other unpleasant tastes. Good candies should be well packaged, hard candies should be firm and brittle, soft candies should be soft and elastic, and center-filled candies should not reveal the filling. All candies should be non-sticky to teeth and paper. If you have sand, you should not buy it.

4. Number of grains

The candies produced by regular manufacturers have a certain number of grains per kilogram and are uniform in size. Below 100 grains (blocks) per kilogram, the allowable difference is 2; for 100-200 grains, the allowable difference is 4; for more than 200 grains, the allowable difference is 6 soil. If the number of candies purchased does not meet the above values, it is of poor quality.

5. Hair sand

If the wrapping paper on the surface of the candy has a small amount of stickiness, it is slightly closed; if it begins to melt and deform, it is serious. If the white sand layer on the surface of the candy is 1-2m, it is slightly sandy; if it is 3-5m, it is seriously sandy. Hair sand is the phenomenon in which the sucrose in the candy melts and recrystallizes. Serious hair sand, making the candy a crunchy and brittle sand block, should not be purchased.

5 Dos and Don'ts for Picking Candy

1. First, observe whether the outer packaging is damaged, whether it is clean and tidy, whether the handwriting and printing are clear, and whether the label is complete and regular. The labels of candy products produced by regular manufacturers are complete and clear, and should be marked with the product name, factory name, factory address, ingredient list, net content, product type, implementation standard code, shelf life, etc.; it is found that the packaging and printing quality is poor, the handwriting is blurred, and the labeling content is incomplete. , Do not buy products without a production date.

2. The color of the candy should be normal, uniform and bright, the aroma should be pure, the taste should be moderate, and there should be no other peculiar smell; the appearance of the candy should be correct, the edges should be neat, there should be no missing corners and cracks, the surface should be bright and smooth, the patterns should be clear, the size and thickness should be uniform, and there should be no cracks. Obvious deformation; candy should be free of visible impurities.

3. The brand-name products produced by well-known enterprises sold in large shopping malls and supermarkets are preferred.

4. Purchase recently produced products with complete packaging. In particular, some candies containing dairy products, beyond the shelf life, are prone to deterioration, yellow in appearance, and peculiar smell in taste. In addition, if the packaging is damaged, the product will be contaminated.

5. Eat as little candy as possible before going to bed, and brush your teeth after eating candy to prevent tooth decay.


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