The right way to eat candy

1. Prevent excess sugar

Some parents especially like to add sugar to milk and porridge in order to let their children eat more, so that children can easily develop the habit of preferring sweets. Usually control the baby's snack intake, eat sugary snacks, chocolate, jelly as little as possible, so that the baby's diet structure remains low in sugar.

2. Choose the right time to eat sugar

Never give your child sugar or sweets on an empty stomach, after a full meal, within 2 hours before a meal, and before going to bed.

3. What to do if the baby is entangled in asking for candy

Babies like to eat candy, parents may wish to make an agreement with the baby to stipulate the amount of candy that can be eaten each week and the time to eat candy. For example, during the Spring Festival, there are plenty of New Year's goods at home, and when visiting relatives and friends, it is inevitable to be invited to eat candy. You can make an appointment with your baby in advance, and you can only eat one candy and two biscuits a day.

4. Don’t treat sugar as a special treat

When the baby is sick, don't let the baby eat some sweets in order to improve the taste, it is not conducive to the recovery of the sick child.

5. Watch out for invisible sugar

In addition to some well-known junk food, there are some sugars hidden in places that are not easy to find. Such as fruit juices and overly sweet fruits. When giving fruit juice to children, it is necessary to control the amount, not more than 150 ml per day, and it is best to use pure fruit juice. Try to let your baby develop a healthy habit of eating more fruit and drinking less fruit juice. If it is too sweet fruit, do not eat too much.

6. Strengthen the protection of teeth

Eating sugar can easily lead to tooth decay, but it is impossible to avoid eating it completely. If you can brush your teeth immediately after eating sugar, the chance of your baby suffering from tooth decay can be greatly reduced. In addition, taking your child to the stomatologist regularly for dental check-ups, and finding problems to deal with in a timely manner, can also prevent your child's teeth from being harmed by sugar.


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